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code picture compatibility Description
CNT-01 disposible nibp connector all kinds of disposible nibp cuffs
Connector, Male Slip Luer to
5/32 in. ID Tube, Plastic
CNT-02 cnt-02 nibp connector two to one Nihon Kohden dual tube system interconnect hoses GE Part # 300829



nibp connector for GE datex

nibp connector for GE datex

Datex Ohmeda submin connectors

Mated Pair Submin to
1 /8" ID Barbed, Plastic
Compatibility: Datex-Ohmeda
Part # 330058
Artema NIBP tubing system

Female Submin to 1 /8"
ID Barbed, Plastic
Compatibility: GE, Marquette
Part # 330064

Male Submin to 1 /8"
ID Barbed, Plastic
Compatibility: GE, Marquette,
Part # 330070

CNT-04 schiller kontron nibp connector luer with lock Fukuda Kontron, Schiller Use with CNT-06
CNT-05 nibp connector female side hose side metal luer type Welch Allyn, Baum, and Other
5/32 in. ID Tube, Metal Manual BP Systems
5/32" ID Barbed to
Female Slip Luer , Metal
Part # 300669; Use with CNT-18
CNT-06 cnt06 nibp connector   Use with CNT-04

nibp connector for philips mindray biolight

nibp connector for philips mindray biolight edan ...

Compatibility: Philips/HP,
Siemens, Datascope, Colin
Part # 330060

Compatibility: Philips/HP,
Siemens, Datascope, Colin; Mindray
Part # 330059

5/32" ID Barbed to
Female Bayonet, Metal

Male Bayonet to 5/32"
ID Barbed, Metal

CNT-08 Nihon KOhden NIBP connector Nihon Kohden  
CNT-09 nibp connector srew female side

GE Marquette, Ohmeda,
Welch Allyn

Part # 300619

Connector, Female Screw to 1/8 in., ID Tube, Metal

1 /8" ID Barbed to
Female Screw, Metal
Compatibility: DINAMAP®
Use with CNT-19/CNT-11
CNT-10 nibp connector for disposible spo2 sensors neonate NIBP connector for disposible NIBP cuff  
CNT-11 cnt11 nibp connector screw type Compatibility: DINAMAP®
Part # 300664
Male Screw to 5/ 32"
ID Barbed, Plastic; Use with CNT-09
CNT-12 ge dinamap nibp connector Compatibility: DINAMAP® Pro,
Compact, MPS Series Monitors
CNT-13 ge medical nibp connector Compatibility: Eagle 3000, DASH
2000/3000/4000, Tram
400/450/451, Tram 800/850/851,
Corometrics 120
CNT-14 cnt-14 nibp connector GE P/N:300670 GE P/N:300
4mm(5/32 in.) to 2.5mm
Two end thread
CNT-15 cnt-15 nibp connectors for schiller fukuda   use with CNT-20
CNT-16 PANSW CNT16 NIBP CONNECTORS   slip luer dual
CNT-17 nibp connector dual hose GE luer connector for neonate system   slip luer dual
CNT-18 nibp connector luer male side for cuff
Welch Allyn, Baum and Other
Manual BP Systems
Connector, Male Slip Luer to 5/32 in. ID Tube, Metal
Part # 300667; Use with CNT-05
CNT-19 nibp connector GE screw type metal   Use with CNT-09
CNT-20 cnt 20 nibp connector   Use with CNT-15
CNT-21 cnt-21 schiller fukuda kontron nibp connector plastic Compatibility: Spacelabs,
Datascope, Colin

Female Locking Luer to
5/32" ID Barbed, Plastic
Part # 300668; Use with CNT-22;

Compatibility: Spacelabs,
Datascope, Colin
Part # 300665
5/32" ID Barbed to Male
Locking Luer, Plastic; Use with CNT-21;
CNT-23 ge datex nibp connector Datex Ohmeda NIBP connector (monitor side)  
CNT-24 cnt-24 nibp connector philips type, fast loose type For Philips, Edan, Mindray, Bionet, Biolight, Petas, ... Plastic version of CNT-07(M); Use with CNT-07(F)
CNT-25 CNT-25 nibp connector slip luer male connector   5/32" ID Barbed to
Male Slip Luer, plastic
Use with CNT-05/CNT-26
CNT-26 female slip luer NIBP connector   Female slip luer connector; plastic; Use with CNT-25/CNT-18
CNT-27 cnt-27 nibp connector    
CNT-28 pace tech nibp connector plastic   Pace Tech nibp connector
CNT-29 cnt29 nibp connector use with 4mm(5/32 inch) nibp tubes, Lemo connector; use with many Chinese OEM patient monitors such Creative, Neusoft, Jeteem; Kernel



CNT-30 dual tube to single tube nibp adapter
dual tube to single tube nibp adapter
dual tubes to single tube nibp; many other types adapters are available  

CNT-31 nibp adapter connectors

CNT-31 air adapter connector


CNT32 nibp connector

cnt32 nibp connector

nibp connector for monitor side  
CNT-33 cnt33 nibp connector GE pece tech metal    
CNT-34 compatible omron nibp connector    


CNT-37 compatible cpc nibp connector    
CNT-38 CNT-38 nibp connector    
CNT-40 philips neonate nibp connector Philips nibp connector neonate new  
CNT-41 philips nibp connector neonate Philips nibp connector neonate new  

welch allyn nibp connector


GE NIBP connector




CNT-45 cnt-45 NIBP CONNECTOR    
CNT-46 cnt-46 NIBP CONNECTOR    

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