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    New products new products

1. Compatible HP Philips M1943NL spo2 cable;
2, Compatible HP Philips Masimo spo2 cables;
3, Compatible Nellcor DOC-10 integrated spo2 sensor;
4, Compatible Masimo LNCS spo2 sensor;
5, compatible Nihon Kohden TL-101T spo2 sensor;
6, Nihon Kohden JC-906P ECG trunk cable;
7, Philips ECG patient cables;
8, Mindray telemetry ECG leadwire;
9, Mindray T8/T6/T5 ECG trunk cable;
10, Schiller AT1/AT2 ECG cable (ten leads);
11, Schiller Argus LCM/plus ECG cables;
12, Cardiette/Cardioline ten leads ECG patient cables;
13, Nihon Kohden NIBP interconnect hose;
14, Philips NIBP connectors;
15, Ohmeda spo2 sensors Tuffsat;
16, Novametrix spo2 sensor;
17, Nonin spo2 sensor;
18, Philips Fetal transducer;
19, PanSW Medical accessories catalogue;
20, Siemens Drager MS18683 Oximax spo2 cable;
21, Siemens Drager spo2 sensor;

 Company Introduction company introduction

PanSW Med Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer for the medical accessories in China.We manufacture, develop, market and service medical accessories products including Electrocardiographs (ECG), Patient Monitors, Fingertip Pulse Oximeters and ECG/EKG cables, SPO2 sensors, SPO2 cables,SPO2 adapters, IBP products, NIBP products, etc.
With 7 years efforts, PanSW products have been exported and applied in many countries and regions all over the world. We have attained good reputations thanks to high quality products we produce, timely and satisfactory service we provide, and friendly relationship we have established with our customers.
We care the improvement of the health and well-being of the worldwide people by providing high quality medical accessories and services at the most competitive price. As a high-tech enterprise, Pan-SW strictly implements ISO13485 quality standards throughout the designing, manufacturing and servicing. We pay attention to the details in each processing, and every single detail replects our meticulous cares and sharp ideas. As return, the customers are more than


   FAQs pansw FAQs
1, Definitions for ECG cables and leadwires
2, To doctors & engineers
3, How to buy;
4. Distributors recruitment (worldwide);
5. ECG color coding & leadwires
6. Reusable Spo2 probe&cable introduction
7. Disposible spo2 probe introduction
8. tips for a durable nibp cuff
9. digital spo2 sensor and analog spo2 sensor
10. all kinds of D-sub 9 pins spo2 sensors
11. GE Medical spo2 sensors
12. PanSW ten leads ECG cable structure;
13. PanSW medical cables OEM service;
14. About Lemo connectors spo2 sensors and compatibilities
15. Mindray spo2 ECG NIBP accessories compatibility chart;
16. Nihon Kohden Spo2 ECG nibp accessories compatibility chart;
17, Philips/HP spo2 ECG nibp accessories compatibility chart;


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